Tips for Maintaining your Food Production Line

A production line is comprised of highly-engineered machinery creating an efficient, cost-effective process. Focusing on optimizing the process of any particular portion of the line and not solely the outcome itself is a core principle of maintaining your industrial baking production line. With so many components, it can be difficult to keep the movements and motions healthy throughout the line.

Measure and analyze

One of the first major steps in maintaining your food production line is to define your process. Start by defining the steps involved in creating your products, the inputs and outputs, components of an industrial bakery production line, and each production line workers’ task. Once your process is defined you can determine a schedule for your production line, the expected costs, and required output. Once you have that in place, it becomes extremely important to measure those production line metrics continuously with as many variables, including production schedule inconsistencies. As you analyze data to understand if production and costs are as expected, you can begin to understand variances in production and look for opportunities to improve efficiency.

Production line workers

The production line workers know your production line better than nearly anyone. They are the front line to maintain and improve your production line. It is important to involve production line workers in the process and give them as much ownership as possible. One way of doing this could be allowing changing roles within the production line and allowing production line workers to choose these changes and their shifts. This will provide production workers not only more investment in their work, but also more experience with the entire production line at different times. With these aspects in place, bottom-up communication in production lines becomes one of the most important tools to maintaining your production line. Provide production line workers a direct channel to provide ideas, observations, and thoughts on how to improve efficiency, or report any issues in the production line. It is important to listen to these tips and incorporate them when they can improve the maintenance of your production line. Your production line workers will have experience across the production line and ownership in bettering the process.

Schedule preventive maintenance

Production line equipment will experience wear and tear that you can anticipate. This knowledge of potential repairs allows you to schedule preventative maintenance far in advance and incorporate those costs and schedule changes in your forecasts. Avoiding prescribed preventative maintenance may work once or twice but over time can produce unreliable production or costly breakdowns in the equipment.


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