A look at Benier’s Industrial Baking Equipment

When baking is your business, you understand the importance of having quality equipment at every stage of the process. The first phases of mixing and handling the dough are crucial steps, and the equipment you choose for you industrial baking line can have a big impact on your finished product. Artisan Capital Partners, who stocks a growing and evolving inventory of industrial baking equipment, is developing their inventory of the respected brand Benier, a company that has designed and built dough production and dough handling systems for 130 years. Here is a look at Benier’s dough production line of mixing, dividing, rounding, proofing, and moulding equipment.


A good mixer is essential to any medium or large scale baking operation, and Benier offers several types of mixers, also called mechanical dough developers (MDD’s). Their MDD’s include the option of providing vacuum and/or pressure mixing, boast an ease of maintenance and a fully automated process, and depending on the mixer, have a capacity of up to 772 pounds of dough per batch.


After the energy and workmanship that has gone into creating the dough, it is imperative that the equipment that subsequently handles it also provides quality outcomes. The type of dough divider your business requires depends on several factors, and Benier has a range of equipment to meet many industrial baking needs. One of their newer models, the patent-pending Xtrueder, is a good example of their design and manufacturing abilities, and can produce 15,000 pieces per hour and features vacuum assisted intake, easily exchanged outfeed nozzles, and built-in air conditioning for consistent dough temperature.


According to Bakerpedia, dough rounding is when “the divided dough piece is shaped into a ball for easier handling, and in some cases, coated with dusting flour to prevent dough pickup.” Benier has four models of rounders: V-Belt Rounder, Allrounder, Unirounder, and Tallround.


Many bakeries rely on Benier’s industrial first proofer to ensure their dough rests and reaches the highest level of quality it can attain in the proofing process. Benier’s proofer is flexible, with a modular system and several infeed capacities available, up to 9,000 pieces per hour.


As the final step in the dough handling process, moulding literally shapes how the dough will look as the final product. For this important task, Benier produces several models of moulders, all of which tout the benefits of being easy to operate, easy to clean, and easy to maintain.

Artisan Capital Partners is the go-to for industrial baking equipment.  We buy complete bakeries, production lines, and peripheral equipment.  Contact us today to learn more.


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